Justine asks Sandra to consult with a keen anti-Valentine’s spend the their and you may Carol

Justine asks Sandra to consult with a keen anti-Valentine’s spend the their and you may Carol

Just like the Carol suggests that her boyfriend Jerry try performing late, Dina issues why, understanding that Jerry and you can Sandra was linking trailing Carol’s right back. Sandra attempts to avoid Dina’s birds off flying out of the store. Sandra gets a big teddy-bear with balloons which will be trapped by the Carol and you will Justine. While trying to identify, Carol notices the fresh new credit towards the incur is away from a ridiculous pseudonym. She and you can Justine believe that Sandra delivered herself the fresh incur however, imagine it’s off a valid valentine. From the Coffees Bakery, Carol and you will Justine view with embarrassment while the a beneficial barbershop quartet sings to have Sandra. Leaving throughout the day, Justine can’t encourage Sandra to come quickly to the latest group and you can Carol helps make enjoyable of their. Behind Sandra when you look at the disguise, Jerry is offered. Both profess the hatred for Carol and you may kiss. (“Lovebirds”)

Sandra’s regarding Break Place having Amy’s first day because the movie director. Mateo techniques Sandra and asks their so you’re able to sort out the fresh linen point. She actually is begins to matter which expected him to tell the woman to help you, however, Mateo looks her off up until she complies. With Dina, Amy notices Sandra with trouble cleaning vomit and you will proposes to let. (“Salary”)

Outfitted therefore he is able to spend time that have Sandra without Carol knowing regarding it, Sandra leads your towards the Images Lab getting gender

Given that Glenn asks that has need reach his church’s Welfare play, Sandra volunteers. Whenever Dina observes anyone sporting a bunny costume into the monitor on the Monitoring Workplace, she requires Sandra in the event the she saw the fresh new rabbit but Sandra is actually unaware and you may does not think this new bunny is a significant deal. Dina believes the individual on the costume could well be a threat and you may insists Sandra telephone call the girl toward walkie when the she sees it. On Warehouse, brand new rabbit surprises Sandra away from behind and you may requires the fresh costume outfit direct off to show Jerry. On monitors, Dina sees this new rabbit throughout the store behind Sandra. Calling the lady toward walkie, Sandra pretends she does not notice it. After, Dina fears that she’s heading crazy since it seems she is the brand new just one who’s got heard of bunny. Seeking to comfort regarding Sandra, she doesn’t bring escort Santa Maria it and you may states Dina might possibly be shedding it. (“Easter”)

Independently, Dina assures Sandra she won’t give Carol however, Sandra’s breakdown away from the lady gender which have Jerry causes Dina in order to warn Elias you to definitely he’ll need to clean up the woman vomit soon

Sandra is in the Crack Place as the Amy announces the fresh store’s arrangements to own Earth Big date. Jonah can’t rating this lady looking planting trees until paid so you can do it. Sandra tells Amy you to Pastor Craig try selling his guide from inside the a shop. Cheyenne initiate a “Eco-friendly People” fulfilling if you find yourself Jonah sits towards the sidelines. Requesting recommendations, Sandra, Marcus and you may Sayid should tackle various issues which have nothing to do with the environmental surroundings and you may post on social network. On Coffee Bakery, Glenn keeps a beneficial Bible analysis which have Sandra, Earl, Sarah and you can Elias. Whenever Amy stops the research, Sandra secret regarding the significance off a twenty-year dated motion picture now. Jonah starts their own environmental class up and that Marcus dubs new “Eco-friendly Posse” with Sandra, Earl, Heather, Ted and you may Roxy. (“Cloud Eco-friendly”)

After the staff’s really works occasions was scale back, Sandra tells Amy on the the woman financials woes looking to get a whole lot more instances. Amy pertains her so you’re able to Dina exactly who won’t make changes so you’re able to the work schedule. Sandra thanks a lot Amy for trying to. Sandra belongs to “Cluster Yoghurt” in the scanner duel in fact it is yelled within because of the Carol. She is knocked-out of one’s video game because of the Glenn just who covers inside the a good cart covered with items. Regarding the woman covering up input the dress tray, Carol notices Sandra and you can Jerry are intimate and you will realizes Jerry was cheating on her behalf. (“Scanners”)